Furthermore, we would like to bring attention to the recent stress tests results. In this context, the Slovenian bankers have said there is no need to panic, as both largest banks (NLB and NKBM) failed only the worst-case-scenario test and will be able to cover the deficit of several ten million euros already with this year's profit. A reassuring tone of voice used by the key bankers comes as no surprise; however, a presumption that the citizens will bear no consequences is wrong. 
We – the citizens have already suffered severe consequences. We have already several times recapitalized our banking sector, most notably over the past few years. Take a look at the first page of the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia where you can find all current data about Slovenia, including the fact that the government deficit in 2013 amounted to incredible 14.6% of GDP. And now, after we have thrown into the banks billions of euros, our two largest banks pride themselves on having made a few ten-million-euros profit they will keep in the banks and then everything will turn normal again. 
However, the facts go as follows: The fact that after such a generous recapitalization both banks fail the tests is disastrous. The fact that after such a generous recapitalization both banks make only a few-ten-million-euros profit is disastrous. The fact that both directors are still holding their positions is disastrous. The fact that state bankers obviously believe that the profit made by public banks is theirs is even more disastrous, as the profit belongs to their owners. As the owners of both banks are, unfortunately, all the citizens, these few ten million euros are ours. And if this money is taken away from us also this time, this will mean that the banks have once again been recapitalized by the taxpayers. Disastrous is also the fact that Slovenia is the only EU member state whose both largest banks failed the test. What is more, it is unique in the fact that the test was not passed by its biggest bank. 
Taking into account the above mentioned considerations, we therefore expect from the Government of the Republic of Slovenia to, at once and via its supervisors, check the situation in our largest bank and inform us – the owners about the actual situation and prevent another attack on our wallets. 
Association for European Slovenia, 11 November 2014