Spoštovani gostje, dragi prijatelji!


Dobrodošli na novem mednarodnem dogodku Evropske Slovenije, tokrat na temo globalne varnosti ter Slovenije, aktivne članice Evropske unije in zveze NATO.

Dear guests, dear friends!

Welcome to this get-together addressing a very important part of globalization, global security concerns, or better said: global security challenges, successes and failures. 

We in the Association for European Slovenia are, among many other things, also strong supporters and proponents of transatlantic ideas. In 2004 Slovenia joined two organizations it had always belonged to, the family of nations sharing the same values, the European Union and NATO. We are part of the Western civilization as well as part of transatlantic foreign political and security flows.

In spring this year we celebrated the 10th anniversary of Slovenia’s membership in the EU much louder than its membership in NATO. There are very simple historical reasons for that, but we in the Association for European Slovenia refuse to believe in them. We are convinced that the only way for Slovenia to become European Slovenia is for Slovenia to be an active member of both, the EU and NATO.

Having that in mind, allow me to welcome our guest from across the ocean, Mr. Todd C. Chapman, who will give a lecture on the complexity of the world today. 

Welcome and thank you very much, Mr. Chapman.

Our second guest is one of Slovenia's most experienced diplomats of the modern generation, Ambassador Mr. Igor Senčar, who is going to host our round table discussion. 

Igor, thank you for being with us today. The floor is yours.